Read the snippets of an over thinking mind. Follow Espona Art into a journey of pondering thoughts, layers of creation and colour fusions.

Abstract art enabled me to step outside the conventional box and push boundaries. Many believe art to be aesthetically pleasing, convey deep messages or even be symbolic of some nature, Espona Art is about the acceptance of what is. The best asked questions of what is it and what does it mean, made me realise that we are so focused on complexity. A metaphor; the destruction of perfectionism. I see art as a form of escapism. To see what is not shown, to hear what is not said and yet personified.  Espona Art intends to give you a piece of thoughts, questions and emotions on a canvas. Espona Art is a self development journey, taking a moment to reflect on why I started to paint and why I chose abstract, paired my work with music, Espona Art for me was a question. A non-verbal expression of emotions. 

A metaphor for trying to understand what’s not meant to be understood.


Espona Art is derived from intuition. The colours, the texture, the music choices and size of canvas is all dependant on the creative process and emotional states at the time of creation. The ability to mute thoughts surrender to the free flow of motion is what creates the texture of each piece. The texture is integral to the creation of the work. Layers of building up colour adds to the quality of the work. The colour pallet originally started off as blues. The calming nature of this colour and psychological associations led to Espona Arts first collection.

Espona Art

“If you can’t say it paint it, someone out there will read it.”

Espona Art isn’t a business it’s been a personal self-development journey that produced tangible results.